Freelance Writing and Editing Services

Layla A. Reaves


Freelance Writing and Editing Services

Like my writing skills? Well, they’re not so bad if I do say so myself. I’d love to write or copy edit for your blog, magazine, website, or other publication!

Just send an e-mail to with “Writing Services” or “Editing Services” in the subject. In the body of the email, give me a detailed description of the article’s topic (otherwise known as a pitch), along with word count, due date, budget, and which type of tone you’re going after. If it’s an editing job, make sure to attach the article! It should take me no longer than 3 days to respond.

Subjects I specialize in:

  • Travel: (China and Spain in particular)
  • Various life experiences from a young, black woman’s perspective
  • Social issues
  • Writing
  • Black American culture
  • Natural Hair
  • Learning/Teaching a foreign language

Even if your article idea doesn’t fit any of these categories, pitch away! I like to research!

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